A HUGE SALE on GreenManGaming!

For the 12th birthday of GreenManGaming, they are holding a BIG sale and great giveaways!
I’m going to buy a few games for myself, so I thought to share this good news with you guys as well.
More than 50% off on popular games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Resident Evil Village, Borderlands 3, Deathloop.
Here’s what GMG says about their giveaways:

Our 12th Birthday Party Sale isn’t just about deals, though obviously, it is about deals, but we’ve also got a huge prize to win.
One lucky winner will get an entire year of games - and we’re picking up the bill!

Here’s more information about the giveaways: Green Man Gaming
Here are some games I recommend that you should consider buying from the sale:
Bioshock: The Collection ($10): Green Man Gaming
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition ($2.50): Green Man Gaming
Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut ($2.50): Green Man Gaming
Batman Game of The Year Pack ($8): Green Man Gaming
Do enjoy this “Birthday Party” guys!

Guess I’m going to spend my check at Green Man Gaming this week. :laughing: