Adult Swim: Taboo fever dreams from my childhood

Whenever I see any content related to Adult Swim, mainly shows that aired in the late 90’s or early 2000’s, I can’t help but think “hey, I think I’ve seen this before”, but strangely these recollections always feel like they actually where dreams, and if I hadn’t gotten the confirmation that yes, these shows actually existed, then I probably would have just forgotten about them.

But boom, all of a sudden I see some post on Instagram or something and it all comes back.

Suddenly I remember staying past my bedtime, or sleeping the whole evening and waking up in the middle of the night to the weirdest things I saw on
TV. Talking about things like Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken (especially Robot Chicken), 12 oz. Mouse, and being blown away by what I was seeing. For a kid it was scary, weird, but always interesting and out of the norm.

Anyone else have fond and not at all traumatic experiences with Adult Swim?

Haven’t watched Adult Swim, but I remember seeing Ponyo on anime groups recently and wondering where I have seen it before. Then I remembered that I watched it a few times on TV when I was younger. The memories of that are indeed pleasant, but also kind of traumatising to remember the good old days when I had no worry about education or exams or jobs. However, Ponyo is in no way a traumatising story, it was a great story with a gorgeous art style. Man, I’ve watched many Studio Ghibli movies before, but Ponyo is kind of special. Don’t think I’ll ever have the same feeling I had when I was little though.
I’m sorry if I sounded too emotional or anything.
Anyway, maybe I should check out Adult Swim…