Animal Crossing players?

Nintendo kind of dropped the ball, in my opinion, and I’m shocked we aren’t getting more New Horizons content for any of the 2022/2023 holidays. I just loaded up the game for the first time in months and it’s still the same-old Toy Day events, wallpapers, items, etc. I was really hoping for new content to fill the void between Christmas and the New Year, but no such luck (unless I’m missing something).

Despite that, I’m still playing, and I’d love to unload some turnips if anyone has a good purchase price this week.

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I’d love to play New Horizons but I’m a PC-only player… It looks very cute and chill. I feel like buying a Nintendo Switch just to play New Horizons and Zelda. There’s no chance that they’ll have PC releases so buying a Nintendo console is the only way to go.

I am in the same boat as you, Devious, in that I don’t own a Switch. I haven’t played Animal Crossing since GameCube. New Horizons does look fun though, and they constantly release new content for the game it seems.

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For anyone the hasn’t played New Horizons before I highly recommend it.

The chilled out vibe, the fishing, the bug catching… oh, and paying off your crippling debt.

All of these elements combined keep you coming back for more each day. Even just for a few minutes to check what’s new in the shop, clean up the weeds on your island, style a room a little differently, check out the turnip prices that day.

This was the first Animal Crossing game I ever played, despite being a massive Nintendo fan since the SNES era. But something about lockdown in 2020 drew me to this game, and it was exactly the type of zen all gamers needed in that era.

There is a reason this is the second best selling switch game of all time (just behind mariokart - but does that really surprise anyone?). Just trust me, you’ll love this game if you haven’t played it already.

sounds a lot like real life except i don’t fish nor catch bugs. hearing about this game really makes me wanna buy a switch. but i’ve been hearing rumours about a new switch console that may have next gen capabilities. if that’s the case it’s better to wait for it to release.