Are dating sims offering the best narrative experiences on mobile?

I’ve noticed recently a trend in mobile gaming towards the dating sim. The market seems to be flooded with near identical games (of varying quality) and I wanted to know if anyone has given them a go?

Personally I’ve tried Lovelink, a tinder-esque narrative game that surprised me quite a bit. Once you get past the whole cheesy dating aspect, you begin to notice an array of characters who’s stories are genuinely intriguing and, in some cases, down right fun!

I‘m personally quite a fan of narrative games, and I’ve found games like this have given me some of the better narrative based mobile experiences I’ve encountered! One minute you could be unravelling a time travelling mystery, the next you could be ruining someone’s marriage; the variety is often crazy!

I understand the sex might be a barrier for some, but there is levels to how steamy it gets. My advice, stick it out and see what you find!

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I don’t play many dating sims (haven’t played any on mobile) and the one I did play was Doki Doki Literature Club… Then again, it’s more psychological torment than going on dates with girls lol. Jokes aside, there’s a mod called Doki Doki Blue Skies which turns it into an ordinary dating sim. It was alright. There’s also another free-to-play Steam game called Everlasting Summer. It’s in my library but I don’t feel like playing it these days. But it’s really popular and rated 10/10 on steam. I’ve heard very good things about the narrative so you may wanna give it a try. And iirc there isn’t any sexual content.