Are you looking forward to the Dead Space Remake?

Are you looking forward to the Dead Space Remake?

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Electronic Arts confirmed the release date for the upcoming Dead Space Remake this week. It’s coming out in January 2023.

Absolutely. I’ve only played the third game previously, and I didn’t have enough time to finish it. After the Remake releases, I think I’ll save up some cash and buy it. A friend of mine told me that DS was one of the greatest Sci-Fi horror video games of all time. And this remake looks absolutely gorgeous. I don’t play many horror games, to be honest, but this got my attention. I just hope that my PC meets the requirements to at least play it on High Settings.

Is this even necessary? Dead Space still looks and plays pretty well IMO.

We shall see, because if it is something similar to what happened with Resident Evil 2, then it should be a welcome change and a way to get newcomers to try Dead Space for the first time, since it is now on the newer generation, right?

Still, that “EA” logo is scary, so we can only hope that they treat such a loved franchise with care, all of this keeping in mind how EA is one of the companies today that embody bad business practices.

I got the feeling that Dead Space isn’t really in need of a remake to be honest. To me it is a “classic”, not “outdated”, in the sense that it holds up to this day, both in gameplay and scare factor.