Best game to introduce to a young player?

Howdy, game friends. Does anyone have good suggestions for video games young children really enjoy?

My niece is five and just now getting into gaming. The last time I watched her, I had her playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, which she enjoyed quite a lot. Mostly she seems to enjoy running around large, open game areas and collecting small tokens. Mario Odyssey was also a hit. She’ll be coming over this weekend and I’d like to have something new for her to try.

Are there any titles that you’d consider a must-have for this age group?

Stardew Valley is what comes to mind. I think she’ll like it. My own sister had more than 200 hours of playtime in Stardew and she’s not even into gaming that much.

Excellent idea. I haven’t picked up Stardew in a few years, but I think she’ll love it. I wonder if my star fruit wine conglomerate is still profitable lol. I hear they’ve made it two player somewhat recently? How does that work?

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You can play co-op, as far as I know. I personally used an Ethernet connection to join my sister’s game (that’s local co-op, obviously, and I think there’s a method to host a multiplayer farm). It also has split screen iirc.