Best Xbox games in 2023?

I know this might sound like a broken record, but I really believe 2023 is going to be the best year for Xbox in a long time!

Let me start off by saying the 2 games I’m most excited for:

Starfield and Forza Motorsport

Starfield has to be the most ambitious game Bethesda has ever made. I love Bethesda RPGs and while I’d be even more excited if this was a new Elder Scrolls or Fallout game, the more I read about Starfield, the more my excitement builds.

Forza Motorsport should be the game that really pushes the Series X hardware to the absolute limit. I love the Forza Horizon series, but the Motorsport entry really feels like more of a grown-up racing sim, something which I absolutely love as a real-life petrolhead.

There are so many 1st and 3rd party titles coming to Xbox in 2023, too many to name in fact (honourable mention to redfall)

What are you most excited for from Xbox in 2023?

I am hoping that they can actually pull off the ambitious promises of Starfield. It has me a little worried that it might be the next No Man Sky where they overpromise and underdeliver at launch. Of course, Microsoft and Bethesda have an infinitely larger budget to work with versus Hello Games. That said, it is my most-anticipated game on Xbox as well.