Bioshock: The collection is free at Epic Games

There was a time when I was sure that all gamers knew or had played some of the Bioshock titles. But, talking to friends and people I’ve met from the internet, they had never heard of these titles.

If this is your case, and you have a “decent” PC, Epic Games is giving it away for free this week. Not only will you be getting the first Bioshock, or Bioshock 2, but Bioshock: Infinite as well, considered by many to be the best game ever. If you don’t have a PC to play on right now, and plan on getting one, save this collection to your Epic catalog and you’re good to go. No matter how much time passes, you will always have Bioshock in your catalog!

Oh this is wonderful. I’ve always wanted to replay the franchise. I’ve only completely played BioShock 1 and Infinite. Thanks for the news. I’ll add the games to my library.