Capcom Summer 2022 Humble Bundle

There’s a Capcom bundle right now on Humble Bundle! It actually looks really nice, depending on what you own already.

It includes Monster Hunter: World / Monster Hunter: Rise (only the base games. Edit - and just a 50% off voucher for MHR), DmC / DmC HD Collection / DmC 5, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Street Fighter 5 & S5 upgrade / Ultra Street Fighter 4, Strider, and Bionic Commando.

I haven’t heard of the last two and I already own most of the games I’m interested in (as always with HB), but I’ve had my eye on some DMC games for a while. I’ll have to check and see if it’s worth the price.

I suspect they’re putting MHW and MHR in the bundle because of the Sunbreak DLC releasing on PC soon. It’s interesting that Iceborne isn’t there, but I think they might put that on discount when Sunbreak actually releases.

Anyone here going to pick up this bundle? Or do you already own everything? :laughing:

This sounds great. I don’t own any of the games listed, but I have tried Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen before and both are really wonderful games. Maybe this bundle will be worth it. I’ll check it out.

Wow, this is a great bundle! One thing to mention though, if I understand it right the Monster Hunter Rise included is just a discount voucher? In any case it’s still a great value and all the games included look awesome. You can’t go wrong even if you just get the 3 game bundle. But the full 11 game set is so much worth it just for including Monster Hunter World and Devil May Cry V. Can’t say much for the Street Fighter games included as I never tried those though. Thanks for the heads up on this one!

On that note – are you subscribed to their subscription service thing? I’ve always thought about it but I kind of worry I just end up with an abundance of games I wouldn’t play. Though I admit some of the stuff there were games I want to try, but being in the past months it means I’ve missed the opportunity to get them anyway.

Oh that’s right, I missed it! Yeah, seems like it’s just 50% off for MHR (I guess because there’s new DLC they’re hoping for some purchases). To be honest I just quickly checked it wasn’t Sunbreak lol.

I really am considering it just for DMC but I also want to buy Stray soon :astonished: (Btw susika, I also recommend Dragon’s Dogma - very epic fights)

As for the subscription service - there was a discount on Choice semi-recently iirc (through email?) - my friends told me about it. Still not sure about it myself because the Choice games tend to be things I already own. If I were to stop buying games or couldn’t afford to keep up with releases, I’d definitely get it. Or if I was just starting to game - I imagine it’s great for kids these days who have a limited budget.

I guess if you ever buy bundles or other packages you can probably justify it at that price… eventually you’ll get something you really want. It’s for life as well, so no stress like with other subscription services (looking at you EA play!)

Never tried the Devil May Cry series out, but I would be willing to if it is in a bundle. Same thing about the Monster Hunter series too.

Devil May Cry is one of those series that I always say I will play one day, then never get around to it, so this could be what brings me into the franchise.

My friend plays Monster Hunter and raves about it, so it is more incentive to try it out, and with this bundle I could take a shot on a few of these games.

The most appealing aspect if the Street Fighter games because I always enjoy a good arcade fighter. Recently got back into games like Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom games too, so this will fit into that category.

Plus, the games controls are a bit harder, and it is more difficult to build up those high combos and juggle opponents like you can in other fighting games.