Card Based Games

I’ve been really into games that are card based lately. Thanks to Game Pass, I’ve gotten to try a lot of things that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. In the last year, I’ve played a lot of two card-based games that I’ve come to really love.

One is called Ring of Pain and it’s now one of my favorite games. Your goal is to make your way out of your dungeon by equipping different items and boosting your stats. I love that each dungeon is different and randomized. You also get a different boss depending on your choices.

The other is called Neoverse. It’s not as great in the story or world building departments, but I really enjoy getting to build a new deck each time. Each of the characters are very different and there are three different modes. I like options and variety in a game.

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I’m not really into games like that but I liked the card minigames in Fallout New Vegas (Caravan) and The Witcher 3 (Gwent).
There’s a standalone Gwent game for free and that may be worth your time if you like the minigame in The Witcher 3.

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