CK3 Fate of Iberia (& Bugs)

Has anyone tried the Fate of Iberia DLC yet, and did you see the new events? I’ve seen some funny screenshots about cheese so far… Seems like they’ll be including some of the old Crusader Kings charm I’m used to from 2. I loved that about the second game even if it was a bit fantastical sometimes.

I tried the Iberia struggle for a few hours and it looks pretty interesting. I hope I get to see the mechanic in my longer games. Right now I’ve only had one bug as well (although it’s pretty annoying) - whenever I go into amenities in the royal court screen, the game crashes. I’ve got a pauper’s court until they fix it :laughing:

I did hear that some people who pre-ordered the game couldn’t even open it from the launcher anymore without rolling back to another version. I pre-ordered as well and I can open it, so I don’t think that’s the only condition. Anyone else got any bugs or fixes for them?