Dead by Daylight

I absolutely adore Dead by Daylight just on aesthetic alone. Honestly, I wish I played more. Gameplay is always better when you can play on comms, and I never have friends who want to play outside of October. I’ve found that I’m great bait though. I’m good at getting the killer’s attention, but not getting caught. Unfortunately, you don’t get nearly as many points for that. I also really like playing the killer, even though I’m horrible at it. I have the game through Xbox Game Pass and I’m really happy with the amount of options you can get with the main game. You get quite a few playable characters and killers of different difficulties. I think I only have one criticism for the game. They need to remove the hospital layout. Everything about that layout, from the paths to the hiding places to the fact that it’s the only indoor layout makes it the worst layout in the game. It’s no fun and I don’t think I’m the only one who hates it. Otherwise, I love the game. I just wish I had more people to play with.

I’m not really into games like that, but reading this made me wanna try it. I don’t have it in my library and I don’t think many of my friends do either, though… I would’ve bought it in the Winter Sale but I already spent too much money lol… Maybe I’ll get it in the next sale.