Diablo 4 Beta Registration

So, looks like preregistration for Diablo 4 is up. Anyone here looking to sign up? There are rumors going around that an announcement for the release date is coming soon, but also more worrisome speculation that it will have an in game shop full of microtransactions. ActiBlizz has lost a lot of goodwill in recent times and D4, to me at least, feels like what would make or break what’s left of their reputation.

In any case, I’m looking forward to the beta and will give it a fair shake. Hopefully they go back closer to the franchise roots. Would love to hear everybody’s thoughts!

Never played the Diablo series much growing up, but since I recently got into PC gaming, I am willing to give more games a try than previously.

I heard good things about the franchise earlier installments, and if I’m not mistaken this is a series that builds tough games. These are some of the harder to beat campaigns, and I love the challenge, so it’ll be worth looking at for me, and this would be a great way to get new players like me involved.

To your point though, micro-transactions are never great to hear when dealing with a game. It seems ever since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, these things can severely hinder a game because it is almost pay to win, and in AW case it was, so it fractures the fan base.

Could be speculating on that, but if it is cosmetic only, then there is no problem in my eyes.

The game turned out to be honest, not very good. It is clean to sit, poop and play.

Hey are you referring to the mobile game, Diablo Immortal? Haven’t seen any news about Diablo 4 beta launching so I’m a bit confused. In any case as more info is being released about Diablo 4 it’s looking more and more promising in terms of gameplay and itemization, though to be honest I’m getting that nagging feeling that they’ll screw up the balancing for the classes as they did for vanilla D3 and having server issues at launch is practically guaranteed.

If you are indeed referring to Diablo Immortal, are you saying the gameplay sucks? I know the monetization is universally hated but the core gameplay has received praise here and there. I watched a few videos and for a mobile game it does look crisp. If I never heard about how aggressive the game tries to get you to spend I’d have tried the game. Biggest thing keeping me from doing so is the fact that F2P has hidden caps preventing you from progressing.