Do you miss E3?

Do you miss E3?

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Feel free to expound below!

I do miss E3, I miss the hype because it seemed like every big game was announced at E3.

While what is being done in the gaming industry is not terrible, I think having an E3 alone would be great.

It coincided with summer and this year it is grouped with other gaming events like Summer Games Fest and Xbox Games Showcase.

An E3 by itself was great, and maybe it was a bit nostalgic for me because I remember this was when the new Call of Duty was announced. Most memorable moment was Robert Bowling, then community manager and figure head for Infinity Ward, came out and said no last stand in MW3 multiplayer. Then there was final stand, remember how hyped the crowd got when he said that and his exclamation after that I won’t type out.

Moments like that are few and far between for me in the gaming industry where I am genuinely hyped because events like this do not line up all the big names and drop them all at once like E3 did.

E3 is one of those events that you just can’t help but miss. It marked a great era in the video game industry that managed to bring different games to the mainstream. It was very painful to see how little by little the ESA self-destructed the event. Still, I think these years where they didn’t have a physical event like 6 or 7 years ago, will suit it very well. I feel that 2023 will be the year of E3, mark my words!