Do you think a mobile game can make the same as Pokemon GO?

Pokémon Go, without a doubt, was a total success. I remember when the game came out, not even 30 minutes had passed and I could already see dozens of people on the street catching Pokemon. I believe that neither The Pokemon Company nor Niantic imagined how big the game would become worldwide. Therefore, I think that was the cause of bad decisions that made the game lose popularity.

Something I always wonder when I see ports from consoles or PC to mobile phones, is if at some point there will be another game that achieves the same as Pokemon GO. The formula, the time, and the media made this game from Niantic something incredible, but, will anyone achieve this again?

I do not think there will be another mobile game nearly as popular as Pokemon Go honestly because of how far-reaching Pokemon is around the world and the age range for it.

Pokemon spans from the 90s to present day, and that is a massive audience to have that like the games, and take a shot on the app. It also reaches all over the world, it is not just something popular in Japan, or more popular in one part than the other. We know there are franchises and other cultural things that have more appeal in one area than another, but Pokemon transcends that.

The nostalgia with this game is real too. Like being able to catch the Pokemon you grew up with, power them up, evolve them and to be immersed in that again is incredible. You can’t tell me catching something as terrible as a Pidgey was not a little nostalgic the first time you did it on Pokemon Go.
Also, the game is simple yet fun, the battling system is simplified enough to not get nearly as competitive as the actual games and less focus on PVP. This game won’t be trumped in popularity anytime soon.