Dragon Age: Dreadwolf theories?

Now that the real info is beginning to trickle in (albeit not a release date) and the game is officially in development phase, what do you hope to see in the latest installment? Do you think it’ll pick right up where Trespasser left off, or will it be set some time in the future?

I’m thinking it’ll mostly take place in Tevinter, but I’m hoping we get to travel back to Ferelden and possibly the Free Marches for at least a few campaigns. And I really, really hope Dorian is a companion again. Every game has included at least one companion from the previous title (if you count expansions), and I’d like to see someone familiar tagging along on Imperium adventures. Who better than Dorian?

Right now I’m pretty torn about whether I want my Inquisitor to return as the main character. Part of me feels like her story is unfinished, but (at least in my case) she’s also married and handless and idk how much fighting she’ll want to get up to after everything she’s been through lol

Anyway, what does everyone else think?

This is kinda embarrassing to admit but it’s from reading this post I knew the name of the upcoming Dragon Age game :skull:. A friend of mine insisted that I play Origins and I bought it from the Steam Winter Sale. Loving it so far. It’s very deep in terms of RPG mechanics. I’d need to be more experienced with the games and the lore, now that Dreadwolf is coming out.

don’t be embarrassed! It’s been a full six years since the last title despite Inquisition ending on a very “this ain’t over” note.

Origins is far and away the best title in the series. Which Hero did you choose?

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Human Noble, for my first playthrough. Cousland family. Male hero.


I just got to Ostagar and currently getting ready for the battle against the Darkspawn.

I’m taking my time to read journal entries and take in the lore. It’s all very fascinating.