Elden Ring: Keyboard and Mouse or Controller?

So, I’ve been playing Elden Ring since Day one, and I’ve always used a controller to play it. The combat and traversal mostly feel better with the controller. But yesterday I was dealing with a particularly frustrating and difficult dungeon. (The dungeon is Auriza Hero’s Grave in Altus Plateau. You can obtain a beautiful and powerful armour set called “Tree Sentinal’s Set” if you destroy the three chariots there.) And there was an area which required precise platforming and careful traversal. And for the first time, I felt that using the controller for platforming is quite difficult. Sure, Elden Ring’s platforming is lacklustre compared to other games with a focus on platforming. But in this case, using the keyboard and the mouse made traversing way easier.
Anyway, do you use the controller or keyboard and mouse when playing Elden Ring? Which do you think is better?

Personally I prefer a controller. To be honest I rarely use a controller otherwise and really try to get keyboard and mouse to work in most games (even Monster Hunter), but Dark Souls and by extension Elden Ring are kind of an exception for me.

I think the main reason for this is just the large amount of button combinations required in the game. For some reason that’s quite difficult for me on a keyboard, but obviously easier on a controller. I much prefer games with several independent keybinds that I can map across a keyboard.

As for the platforming you mentioned - I do find that harder if I’m using one of my controllers with poor sensitivity (it’s a bit old). But I’ve got one that fits my hands really nicely and responds well to gentle movements. Although Torrent’s circling animation can still be a problem if you’re doing some tight platforming.

Yeah. My controller is quite outdated. I’ll have to buy a better one. And also, seeing you mentioning how Elden Ring have a lot of button combinations reminded me of Nioh. I think it has even more difficult button combinations than ER. It’s certainly way better with a controller.