Elden Ring Multiplayer duels.

Elden Ring has become my favourite game, and it’s almost perfect in a lot of aspects. But something that’s underwhelming is the stuttering and the extremely poor performance at times. I like to duel with other players in a stadium-like location. There’s a lot of distance that’s rendered in that location, so my FPS drops by about 10% there. But something that’s extremely disappointing is the network performance. The ping and latency is an absolute pain to deal with. The hit registration takes about 3 seconds and this is quite frustrating. What is your experience with duelling? Is anyone else experiencing these issues? If so, do you know some way to resolve them?

I almost have a conspiracy theory on the topic. Fromsoft titles are notoriously difficult, and I believe they extend this difficulty to simply being able to play multiplayer. They could have always made it easier to do so, and it is obviously not a technical wall they can’t bypass.

So while they don’t necessarily intend to have their VS multiplayer to be a challenge in and of itself, it has always been kind of a clunky mess. Obviously, you will have laggy games, just like any other videogame. However, that hit detection issue is almost a standard for the Souls series.

To be very honest, the complaints and issues I’ve heard from veterans of the series are imbalance issues. And if you use the rivers of Blood katana, or have it used against you. Then you will understand what I mean. I also hear over-leveled ganking is a real issue as well as AFK farming, but let us be honest the multiplayer is obviously not where this game shines.