ELDEN RING PC Performance

Experiencing low framerates and performance issues in Elden Ring? There are a few methods that will considerably improve PC performance.

The In-game Graphics settings
Changing most in-game Graphics settings doesn’t result in a major performance improvement, surprisingly. But the Grass Quality setting is the most demanding.
Here’s a comparison between the qualities (Pay no mind to the framerate in the pictures for now.):

Maximum setting (the highest possible setting)

You can clearly see that the Grass has a much higher draw distance and is very dense. This is the most taxing and best-looking setting. Choosing this setting might result in frame drops and stuttering in combat or horseback.

HIGH setting

This setting has good grass draw distance and fairly dense foliage. This is the most balanced setting and this is what I recommend for all players. I rarely experienced any stuttering and FPS drops with this setting.

MEDIUM setting (the lowest possible setting)

As you can see, this setting almost removes the Grass. The draw distance is very short and the density is quite low. I only recommend this to players that have very poor systems or want to get the best possible performance.

About the Grass quality settings:
[*] The Maximum setting has some issues. With this setting, the pop-in is very noticeable. The game may stutter in combat encounters, making the game even more frustrating. The High setting is what I recommend here.

Disabling EAC
EAC is the anti-cheat service used in Elden Ring. Disabling this grants you about 30% more FPS and performance. But note that disabling this prevents you from engaging in any online elements of the game. You will have to play offline. The frame rate in the above pictures remains very constant because I have disabled EAC.

[]Go to your Elden Ring install location.
]Rename the “start_protected_game.exe” into “start_protected_game_original.exe”
[*]Make a copy of “eldenring.exe” (Copy the EXE to the clipboard and paste it to the same location. This will create “eldenring-Copy.exe” like in the picture below):

[*]Rename “eldenring-Copy.exe” into “start_protected_game.exe” and use this EXE to launch the game. This will disable EAC.

Using ISLC software to achieve smoother gameplay.
ISLC is a third-party app that will make any program more stable and smoother.
Download: Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC) v1.0.2.8 Released - Wagnardsoft Forum
Settings to use for 8GB RAM:

Replace 512MB with 1024MB if you have 16GB RAM or higher. Set “Wanted Timer-resolution” to “0.50” and tick “Enable custom timer-resolution”. Also, set "ISLC Polling rate to 500.

Also, feel free to ask any questions regarding this post.