Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod

I was waiting for this mod to release and it turns out: it’s already available! The dev’s YouTube channel is “LukeYui” and showcases some features.

The seamless co-op mod removes all of the multiplayer boundaries in Elden Ring and adds some quality of life stuff, like a persistent connection even after death. Since you can’t connect to the actual multiplayer servers while you use it, you can’t be invaded either.

Iirc it also adds a few things like increased tears, and the ability for both players to register and use bonfires.

I know a lot of people are kind of against this but I pretty much only play Elden Ring in co-op, and it’s normal for me to spend an hour or so trying to connect with my friend, avoid a disconnection, and meet up again in the event of a death or invasion gone wrong.

What do you all think of this mod (good or bad)? And are you going to use it?

I’ll have to think about it, whether to use this or not. I’ll have to be sure that this mod won’t cause any bans or restrictions. Otherwise, it sounds awesome though.

Will they get banned for him? Steam version supported?

It uses Steam to connect players, so yeah, it’ll be compatible. I checked it out again and the mod creator provided a lot of details regarding banning. The mod actually disables anticheat and doesn’t connect you to FromSoft’s servers in the first place. So if you like invasions, it’s not any good for that.

As with a lot of mods, you can’t remove the mod and then use the save file in the vanilla game. That would get you banned pretty quickly or just break the save.

But this is good news actually… easy anticheat often causes performance and disconnection issues for me and apparently this fixes it. Plus you could install other mods and still play with phantoms.

I wasn’t too motivated to pick up Elden Ring again but after re-reading this, I might give it a go. Vanilla co-op was such a headache for me! I used to disconnect half of the time.