Fall Guys is going to be that big as it was on PS?

Fall Guys was announced yesterday, with a release date, for consoles on all platforms. What Mediatonic has been promising for years has finally come true. But will it be as big on Xbox consoles as it was on PlayStation?

Fall Guys is a game that is impossible for anyone not to find fun. Plus, with the announcement that it will be free for all, it will capture the attention of many gamers who simply didn’t think the game was worth the price. But, will the fact that it will be free be proportional to more people starting to play? The creative work behind the game is impressive, and is something that has hooked many PlayStation gamers. In my opinion, if Epic Games and Mediatonic’s management of the game follows Fortnite’s lead, possibly even double the number of active players by June 21.

What do you think about it? Being an Xbox player, do you expect it as much as many or not?

It should do well on Xbox since Microsoft has always emphasized online play. Fall Guys is almost two years old now though so maybe it has played itself out? I’ll still be playing it!

Speaking from experience, Fall Guys, back on the PS4 when it was free with PSN, is a game that I enjoyed greatly for like a week or 2, but I haven’t touched since then. It just completely vanished, my urge of playing it I mean.

So if most people also felt that way about the game, then it is probably only a game that can only make a profit within the opening weeks of the game being released on a new platform. Maybe too much fun is bloating and it makes you not want any for a while.

I think Fall Guys can be just as successful due to how it could be marketed through the Xbox Game Pass. This is an indie kind of game that emphasized multiplayer and falls under the radar of a lot of casual players.

It could come in the Xbox Game Pass a free game, which it will already be free, but the inclusion could get more players interested in the title.

Personally, it should be fun because of how different a style of battle royale game this is than others. It seems like some of the most popular battle royales on Xbox are the third-person shooters like Fortnite, Pub G and Apex. Fortnite may be surging more because of the introduction of the no-build mode, but for people who are not into the shooting aspect this could be great.

This game seems more relaxed and does not require a ton of effort like in the games like gathering supplies, then lose it all in the first gunfight.