Favorite Mobile Games

I’m honestly not a huge fan of mobile gaming. I always feel like the screen is too small. I generally just play simple things like Solitaire or Candy Crush. Mostly just for when I’m out and need something to occupy my mind, like in a waiting room. There are a couple games I’ve come to love.

  1. Summoner’s War- This game can feel super grindy and it’s harder to get good things for free now than it used to be, but I’ve played this game for years. I’m obsessed with the character art. I also enjoyed finding how different monsters worked well together.

  2. I love the Inc style games; my favorites being Plague, Inc and Religion, Inc. I like anything that makes me feel like a master strategist honestly. I also love that Plague, Inc is still getting nice sized updates so there’s always something new to try.

  3. My third is any of the Age of Procreation games. Yes, they’re definitely a bit weird, but again I like strategy. Plus, the game is queer friendly. There’s just something about being an asexual mushroom that appeals to me as an enby. :joy: The game allows you to build a family that helps you take over the world.

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I don’t really pay much attention to mobile games but there are two games I really like. Candy Crush and Vertigo Racing. I’m sure that everyone knows of Candy Crush. It’s such a relaxing game and it’s so addictive. Vertigo Racing is a racing game where you race against the clock, and not other racers. I love the vehicles in that game, as all of them are classics from the 60s and before.

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