Finding A New Sanctuary: ARPG Recommendations

With the Diablo franchise taking a darker turn(hah!) I thought this is the perfect time to discuss some games that can scratch that ARPG itch, and provide us that much needed reprieve from the mess that was Diablo Immortal.

I’ll start off talking about some games I’ve played and loved, then hopefully solicit some recommendations as I’m always looking for more ARPG’s to sink my time in.

  1. Grim Dawn (Crate Entertainment) - This game does a lot of things right: the combat feels great, character customization options are flexible and character building is fairly straightforward. It allows you to mix class combinations allowing for a lot of build potential. Mechanics are easy to understand but has enough depth to please those who enjoy tinkering with their characters. Story is a bit of standard fare for the genre, and graphics aren’t groundbreaking, but has tons of replay potential. Gets regular updates too. Base game is also nicely priced so it’s loads of value for your money.

  2. Chronicon (Subworld) - Deceptively deep, Chronicon is a fast paced ARPG that ended up a lot more fun than I initially expected. It sports pixel graphics, only 4 unique classes but has a ton of items, abilities and perks. Has infinite progression for those addicted to the grind, and a versatile crafting system that allows for further character customization. Supports local co-op or remote play for those of you with friends, and the developer is very interactive with his community. Don’t let its visuals fool you, this one’s a gem.

  3. Last Epoch (Eleventh Hour Games) - I just got into this one recently, as I typically avoid early access games. I jumped the gun after becoming convinced that the developers are really serious about taking feedback about the game and are constantly making it better. Multiplayer is currently in development and they are aiming for launching that this year. Graphics look dated, and combat feels a bit too light, but man the character building options are insane. Balancing is also in a sweet spot in that you can look at the skills, visualize a build, and it would most likely work. The devs have taken the time to put in a comprehensive in game guide which does a great job of explaining all mechanics, so much so that you can actually come up with your build and understand how to optimize it without having to google anything.

I’d be happy to know your thoughts and hopefully could get some recommendations from you as well!

I haven’t played any of those games on your list, but a game I love quite so much is Blasphemous. It’s quite different from Diablo though. It’s a metroidvania soulslike. Maybe check it out…