Forza Horizon 5 or Forza Horizon 4?

The series that has kept me coming back to the Xbox again and again over the years is Forza Horizon.

When I first got my Series X, the game that really showed off the potential of the machine at the time was Forza Horizon 4. I couldn’t believe that this is how a game could look. The reflections in the water, the changes in the seasons, the way the dirt and mud shifted when I drove my Focus RS through it for the first time. It was the little things.

And then along came Forza Horizon 5. There is no doubt the game looks better (not that Horizon 4 looks bad - even today), and there are so many fun new areas of Mexico to explore.

But even with the performance improvements, I still find myself replaying Forza Horizon 4 a bit more often.

Maybe it’s the feelings of nostalgia from back when I first got my Xbox in the late-lockdown era of 2020, where there was nothing to do except game all day. Maybe it’s the fact that when I was young we went on family holidays to Edinburgh every year, so I feel more at home having a drag race up Princes Street than the sunny beaches of Mexico.

Does anyone else feel like they enjoy Forza Horizon 4 more than 5?

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I played Forza Horizon 4 more than 5, although I still intend to go back to 5. Agreed that Horizon 4 was a real technical showcase even if Mexico is a more interesting setting. Seeing the individual stones fly after you crash into a wall looks great even on an Xbox One. Looking forward to seeing where they’ll take us in Forza Horizon 6!


I prefer Forza Horizon 5 because of the setting. Mexico is absolutely gorgeous in this game. While I did like the setting of Horizon 4, I think 5’s setting is miles better. And there really is nothing to say about the driving mechanics of both games except that they’re masterful.

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