Future of VR Tech?

I was reading some articles today about Virtual Reality trends… Of course, it wasn’t a surprise to learn that the industry is still growing. But I really feel like I don’t know a lot of people who game on VR and I don’t have much of an interest myself.

Why do you think this is? From my perspective, it feels like VR games are often really niche and gimmicky, and to be honest, the types of games I enjoy aren’t often on that platform. VR is really something I want to love, but can’t convince myself to buy just yet. Half-Life: Alyx almost got me into it.

I did read that VR is becoming more popular in other industries (not just gaming), like VR classes and engineering. Obviously there was a lot of hype over the Metaverse and VR social media like that, but I’m not sure about this in particular. It died out rather quickly already, but we’ll see.

I got a VR headset and was one of the first of my friend group to get one.

I think the problem is whether or on mobile or regular, is the strain it can cause on your eyes, and head. Playing with a screen that close does strain the eyes more, I feel like it and causes headaches much easier. On mobile, the games are incredibly niche, simplistic, and grow tiresome easily. Not to mention that they take up a lot of data on a phone.

For console, I am less into it, but from my understanding the problems are kind of the same. The games take so much space and are repetitive.

I have seen some games in VR that look fun to play, but the style and nature of it does not have that replay ability, which is crucial to a game’s success, is how addicting can a game be.

I do agree with you here - it seems like a rather clunky technology to use at the moment.

I’m reluctant to buy one just in case I’m one of the people who get motion sickness (it doesn’t seem to be rare), or have other problems like discomfort after a session, like you mentioned.

It doesn’t help that the hardware is a bit pricey still. If I’m going to spend money on another gaming platform, I generally want to see 1-2 games a year I’m interested in, and for me the VR gaming market hasn’t been very consistent with that.

What I would absolutely love to have is a free-movement type VR setup. I’m not sure what it’s called, but I’m sure you’ve seen those harnesses set up over omnidirectional treadmills. If I were to use VR I’d want to use my whole body freely, without worrying about bumping into a wall.

That’s my ideal setup but I’m not sure I even have the space for it at home :laughing: not to mention the budget!