Game replay ability - Civilisation!

What’s one game you can finish, restart immediately and feel just as excited as before?

For me, it’s always been the Civilisation series. I’ve never played a game where I can spend hours upon hours tinkering with my culture, warring against other nations or trying to be the first man on the moon to then finish and start all over again. I play a lot of Civ 6, though I know most people probably prefer 5. Every time I start a game I get a genuine feeling of wonder attached to the possibilities of what may occur; who will I be up against? Will I go the science route? Do I try to contour everything around me?

The game gives you the tools to follow your own path even if some characters/nations have better bonuses for certain things. This freedom coupled with randomly generated terrain makes it feel like you really do step into a brand new world each time; I think it’s amazing!

What games give you that feeling?

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Elden Ring is a game that I really enjoy playing over and over again, trying various playstyles and builds. There are multiple endings and I love pursuing all of them on each playthrough. I currently have like 200 hours of playtime in Elden Ring and I’m still on my first playthrough. After all those hours, I still am not bored with the game.
Games like The Witcher 3 and Fallout New Vegas have a lot of replay value as well. There are a lot of endings and conclusions to quests in the Witcher 3, you’ll have to play it like 3 times to fully complete it. And Fallout New Vegas is even bigger in terms of choices and playstyles.