Gaming Controllers

Howdy all! For the longest time I’ve been using my ps4 contoller for pc games and recently started having troubles with it. I’m trying to decide whether to get a new ps4 controller to replace it or look for alternatives. I prefer the ps4 layout over the xbox so I was hoping I can get recommendations on which controllers that could perfrorm the same or better the the dualshock 4.

The ones I’m looking at right now are:

8Bitdo Classic
MSI Force
Hori Edge

Though honestly I’d prefer feedback from those with firsthand experience gaming with these devices to help me make a decision.

Thanks in advance!

I’m a PC-only gamer, but using a controller is way better with some games, so I’ve been using a generic controller to play Forza Horizon 5 and Elden Ring. Sadly, this controller started drifting and it was quite difficult to use it further, so I put it away. I’ve never used an XBOX or PS controller though. The one I had was of the brand “Havit” and it was so cheap. It performed well for more than 2 years, so it was a great purchase.
Now I got my eyes on the “REVOLVER GP12” controller by “Fantech” and it’s about $14. It has vibration too. Looks really good and I’ve used electronics from this brand before. They’re quite good for their price in my opinion. The layout is XBOX, however. So it won’t suit your tastes. But if you look, you may be able to find a cheaper one that you’ll like.
These are the types of controllers I use, because of the tight budget.

Hey I’m actually the same as you here! I used to own Playstations when I was younger so I prefer the PS layout. It’s difficult to find though.

I will mention that I have small hands so I tend to look for controllers based on that. If you have bigger hands, take care.

The one I use the most often is the Logitech F310. Some people have an issue with deadzones on this but I never have. The main thing I like about this one is that, although it’s PS layout, it matches the colour and lettering of Xbox layouts on the buttons (A, B, X, Y) - so when a PC game comes up with its default Xbox prompts, I don’t have as much trouble if I need to check or bind controls.

We also have a Genius MaxFire Blaze 5. Although I think you can only buy this in Europe. People don’t have as many issues with the responsiveness on that one, but I find that it’s too big.

Wow, I’ve got to say, both the Revolver GP and the MaxFire Blaze look so close to a PS controller. The F310 on the other hand is practically a PS controller if I’m just looking at it. Not sure if any of those are available where I am, but I’m gonna be on the look out nonetheless. Every now and then electronics stores here do import some brands so these’ll be pricier over here but I guess I can shoulder the added cost in exchange for a better playing experience. I’ve spent some time reading up on reviews and it wouldn’t hurt reading a few more. I’ve already managed to convince the wife(who is also a gamer) so I really just have to choose. Thanks for the inputs, I’ll update this thread once I make a purchase and provide feedback if ever. On a side note – can you elaborate a bit more on the deadzones for the F310?

Hmm, if you’d need to import it, I’m not too sure what I’d recommend. The F310 is great for me but I think it comes down to luck as to whether you experience any problems.

Some people have reported problems with deadzones and say that up to 20% of the analog sticks are unresponsive. I mean mine clearly has small deadzones, but nothing so extreme, and it doesn’t affect me when I’m playing Elden Ring or Dark Souls (these games are the main things I use it for).

My boyfriend dislikes this controller because it’s too much for him, though it’s usable by both of us. It’s a cheap option around here. It really depends how fussy you are with that vs layout - I prioritized layout because Xbox controllers just suck for me lol.

Now technically, you CAN use a straight up Playstation controller if you want to. But it’s much harder to get it to work. Not sure if the Steam controller would work for you either, have you checked it out?