Gears of War 3

Good ol’ Gears of War 3 came to me with the Xbox 360 my parents got me for Christmas. I was stoked to try this monster of a console back then. All I knew before hand was Super Nintendo, PS1 and PS2, so the change in graphics and how comfortable the controller felt was a huge change. And Gears
of War 3 is the game that came with the console, so for a long time that is all I played.

There’s no way that I was gonna make my parents get Xbox Live for me, so I only know this game in singleplayer, both campaign, horde, beast, and good old Versus mode. But I played those over and over. Pretty sure at the time, it was the most violent game I had ever played, and I loved it.

I remember some of my friends were only Nintendo kids, so when I told them what you could do to your enemies in GOW 3 it always blew them away, they couldn’t believe that games could be that violent.

Anyone have any fond memories of Gears of War 3, both good or bad memories of course. :blush:

I’ve always wanted to play the Gears of War series, but as I own only a PC, I’ve only played the first game. I had a blast playing it though. I’ve never played another third-person shooter like Gears 1. The gunplay felt heavy and the atmosphere was marvellous. Sawing enemies in half using the chainsaw bayonet never felt old. If in some way Gears 2 and 3 were released for PC, I would be a happy man indeed.