How do you feel about NFTs in video games?

How do you feel about NFTs in video games?

  • Overwhelmingly positive
  • Somewhat positive
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat negative
  • Overwhelmingly negative

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NFL Rivals is the latest NFT-based game that is sure to divide gamers. So this week, we’d like to hear your thoughts on NFTs in gaming more broadly. Vote and comment!

I honestly don’t know much about NFTs and I’m not really interested in the subject. But a few of my friends have created these NFTs and earned a good amount of money. So maybe it’s not completely uninteresting.

I do not know a ton about NFT, but this sounds like micro-transactions, and from playing a ton of Advanced Warfare, my experience was not great. The pay-to-win system is broken.

If NFTs do not promise a skill boost and are cosmetic only, then it is more than okay. Like the later micro-transactions in Black Ops 4, cosmetic only, cool to look at and cool to dress a character in.

From what I have read so far about this game the NFTs offer players a chance to unique events and in-game rewards, which sounds like pay to win in a way. Depends on what the rewards are and what the events promise, but so far it sounds like the former and not the latter.

It will be interesting because it is a mobile game, and these are not nearly expansive as console games, so how it will be implemented is something to monitor.