I am shockingly terrible at Elden Ring

I’ve put about 10 hours into this game so far. It’s so pretty and the storyline is pretty compelling, but it’s absolutely one of the most challenging games I’ve played in years. No matter what I do or how much experience I gain, I can’t seem to avoid dying at least once on every quest–usually quite a bit more than once.

Anyone else here having similar problems? I feel like I’m just waiting around to improve but it’s definitely stifling my interest overall.

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Have you played any Soulsborne games before? Or Soulslikes (Nioh, for example)? If not, being terrible at Elden Ring is completely normal. I’m 220 hours into the game now and I’m very good at Soulsborne games, but even I struggle from time to time. At first, it was difficult for me as well. Don’t be discouraged or drop the game! Keep playing. Be persistent. In fact, perseverance is one of the main themes of Elden Ring. I even wrote an entire article about it. Read it if you’d like. https://gamefreaks365.com/the-perseverance-of-the-tarnished/

Here are a few tips:
Explore the world and get familiar.
If an enemy seems too powerful to overcome, gain experience first.
Read item descriptions and learn as much as you can about weaponry/items.
Focus on your own unique playstyle/build.
Study the movesets of bosses.
Collect crafting materials.