Intelligent List Standby Cleaner might be a temporary solution to high RAM usage

This is not guaranteed, but ISLC is only about 20MB and it wouldn’t hurt to try it. I’ve been using this for a while now and in some games, I’ve noticed less RAM usage than before. I’ll also provide instructions on how to set it up.
Link for ISLC: Intelligent standby list cleaner (ISLC) v1.0.2.8 Released - Wagnardsoft Forum
Extract the RAR file and open the program.
Wanted Timer Resolution: set this to 0.50 (This may give you improved frame times and framerates.)
ISLC Polling Rate: set this to 1000
Free memory is lower than: Set this to Half of your installed RAM
Click on Start to run the program and minimise it to the system tray
After setting the program up, try playing a few games or running a few programs. Confirm that ISLC isn’t causing any unnatural behaviours or crashes.
Like I said, this may or may not provide good results. But using the program is safe.