K-ON (2009)

This anime is about a group of schoolgirls from an all-girls school who wants to become a rock band. There are two seasons and two movies if I remember right. K-ON’s plot and the story are not really complex, nor emotional but it’s quite enjoyable. There are 25 episodes per season and almost all of them are comedic and wholesome.
K-ON may seem too girlish and naive at first glance. And it kind of is. But when you’re stressed or burnt out, an anime show like this may make you feel better. In my opinion, when you’re stressed or anything, watching something funny and wholesome like this is better than watching a more serious themed anime or movie.
Watching this has helped me feel better when I’m stressed or depressed, and it always has a special place in my heart.
Anyway, I hope that more people will check out this marvellous anime.