Looking for a specific Manga

I was wondering if someone can help me find a certain manga? I have been meaning to look it up the moment I saw a meme made involving it but due to putting it off, I can no longer find the image that got me interested to try and check it out in the first place. It was about gacha gamers and it poked fun at the common issues encountered by people who enjoy these games. Granted, I’m not entirely sure that the series is in fact centered on gacha games, though the comments on the meme did state that it was something of a quirk of the main character at least so it got me curious. Would be nice to finally find it, I enjoy slice of life anime and manga which is what it was described as, not to mention that as a gacha gamer myself it’s probably a meme factory for my demographic so that’s a definite plus. If anyone has any idea what I’m talking about or is familiar with an anime/manga that sounds similar to it, let me know!

Thanks in advance!