Madness Combat

This right here is a jewel of early internet history, and one of my favorite animation series to come out of Newgrounds.

Starting in 2002 I believe, ancient times by now, it was like for many artists just an experimentation I assume, creating with how little they know, but with a lot of passion. It was a 2D animation of a Free-for-all battle between rather unique characters, with a cross for a face and no arms or legs, like Rayman.

People liked it, and so, more sequels came. Up until now! This is an ongoing series!

An ongoing series that gets more and more complex as time passes, really honoring its namesake. The animations get crispier and more fluid as time passes, and a story of Assassination, revenge, and other violent motif’s turns into this dystopian reality where blood, gore and martial arts are an everyday occurrence. Makes you wonder how somewhere in Nevada (Where the series takes place. No more info) keeps a steady supply of population to send to it’s dead.

Highly recommended, if you love great action flicks, gore, and series where insanity is the norm, and improvability one of the norms of its narrative. :question:

Ongoing since 2002 huh? Sounds interesting. I hope that I can find some time in my busy schedule to check it out.