Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor vs Amazon's Rings of Power

I know Rings of Power was really divisive for Tolkien fans, but did anyone else appreciate finally being able to see some iconic Tolkien locations not seen in either the main series or the movies? The Southlands, in particular?

Well, if you enjoyed that, you’ll absolutely love Shadow of Mordor. The whole game takes place in the Mordor/Southlands area (Udun specifically) and you play as a character who, along his journey, encounters people in Mordor with a similar backstory to the Southlanders in Rings of Power.

It’s a nice contrast to the more hopeful themes of the other Lord of the Rings games, but still very playable with plenty of humor thrown in.

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While I dislike Rings of Power with a passion, the Middle-earth games are very enjoyable. The combat is stellar and the Nemesis system is masterful. The thing is, though, it’s obviously non-canon and I find that… annoying. It makes me not want to play them at all. I’m really into the lore of LOTR and the games being non-canon is just putting me off. Admittedly, they’re pretty great games.