Mobile ports of the GTA games

The mobile ports of GTA, Vice City, GTA 3, and San Andreas had been released some time ago. I have yet to try any of them on mobile. I’ve played these on PC and I absolutely loved all three of them. It would be nice if I could play these on the go on my mobile. My phone is a Samsung J5, and obviously, this phone is not that good. However, I plan to buy a new one soon. I wanted to know how well these games run on the mobile. Are they as fun as they were on PC or consoles? How are the controls?

I’ll sum it up in a few words: if you don’t own a wireless controller, don’t even think about playing them. GTA games are designed for players to use different controllers at the same time. All this thanks to the large amount of in-game elements. Because of this, tactile controls are not a good way to play them.

Even so, they have managed to make the controls easy to use. But, no matter how big your phone is, you will end up covering a lot of the screen due to the large amount of controls.