Modern Warfare II needs this in MP

In a previous post, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, reveal date was discovered as June 8.

Now, the multiplayer aspect will be discussed as to what could make it a better game. Whether it be the inclusion of certain things or exclusion of others, here are three things MWII needs for a successful multiplayer game in most important to least important.

  1. Good Maps
    Bring back classic three-lane maps! It feels like the COD franchise hasn’t put out a game with a good number of maps in forever. Feels like the days of early Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps are long gone. There are no more maps like Firing Range, Slums, Highrise and other classic maps. This new iteration of Call of Duty needs good, fun, small maps for multiplayer.
  2. No Skill-based matchmaking
    It’s not funny anymore. This thick skill-based matchmaking feels like a cruel joke. Introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this shifted the matchmaking from connection to skill level. This made it incredibly hard for players because it did away with the casual feel of COD. Take this out of the game and focus on connection, this make it fun!
  3. Useful kill/score streaks
    The slash is for whatever system is implanted in the multiplayer whether it is based on kills or score. The point is make them useful, make them fun and have them make a difference. The point of high streaks is to be game-changing and to make the reward pay off. The AC-130, chopper gunner, dogs, R.A.P.S., and other high streaks caused havoc. Streaks that are useful make COD fun.

While there are other things the developers can do, these are three of the most crucial things to do for a Call of Duty to be more successful. Feel free to leave a comment on what you want, or don’t want, to see in COD!