Modern Warfare II Reveal Date

Call of Duty fans anticipated since the Modern Warfare 2019 remake that Modern Warfare 2 would get a nice reboot as well.

Now, the official reveal date of the title is set for June 8.

In 2007, Activision released Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and developed by Infinity Ward. This propelled Call of Duty into the stratosphere, and arguably revolutionized online multiplayer FPS games. This game saw a remake in 2019 that was successful, but honestly never topped the original.

Also, the multiplayer of these two games were almost polar opposites. The 2007 iteration was fast, fun, simple, archaic almost, but the 2019 was not any of those things. A slow pace, terrible maps, doors and camping that slow down everyone.

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 played fast and chaotic— there were a fair share of bugs, annoying perks and broken mechanics in the game. That being said MW2 is looked upon as one of the better iterations of multiplayer in the Call of Duty franchise. The maps perhaps played a huge factor in the success of the game, and no skill based matchmaking.

With the reveal date looming, Activision has a lot of fans hope up that this game delivers like MW2 did in 2009. There is a great base to build from, but with how different the original Modern Warfare is from the 2019 remake, fans must temper their expectations.

It’s sure to have pretty high system requirements. I haven’t even played MW yet. Maybe after MW2 releases I’d wait for a sale and buy both of them. That is, if they could run on my PC, which is not quite a high end one. Let’s see.