Nintendo forces YouTube musician to remove Metroid covers

Nintendo is such a killjoy.

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before…A YouTube channel that featured music, covers, or remixes of classic songs from popular Nintendo games has been forced to remove content after being contacted by Nintendo’s army of lawyers. Well, it’s happening again. A new channel now claims to be the latest casualty of Nintendo’s ongoing war against some of its most dedicated and passionate fans.

As first reported by VGC and spotted by NintendoLife, the newest member of the club is SynaMax, a YouTube channel dedicated to music. The user behind the channel, who says in the channel’s bio that they have been creating music since 2004, had previously uploaded high-quality recreations and covers of some Metroid Prime songs. However, that seems to have attracted the attention of Nintendo and its legal team.

In a video uploaded yesterday, the channel creator claimed he was contacted by Nintendo lawyers on May 31 and told to remove nine videos that featured Metroid Prime music covers or remixes.


Not the first time and not the last I guess… Nintendo is really aggressive with this nowadays. I’ve seen Disney do similar things before as well.

I really don’t get the benefit of them doing this. Surely having an enthusiastic fanbase will only help them? How many times have you gotten interested in something because of the fandom?

Now actual piracy, and to some extent modding, I can understand - that’s messing with a product directly or denying them a sale. Although I do wish Nintendo games were easier to access.

Anyone aware of what this stops? I honestly can’t think of a negative result from people making soundtrack covers. It’s not like the Skyrim covers burned the game down at the time - they only added to the hype. It just feels mean-spirited.