Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP

So, I had one of these boys when I was around 9 or so. It more or less introduced me to gaming. I was kinda addicted to it, so my mother had even restricted me from using it for a month or two. :smiley:
There were 2000 games on it if my memory serves me right. The games I do remember playing are Crash Bandicoot: A Huge Leap, Super Mario Bros, WWE Road to Wrestlemania X8, Medal of Honor: Underground and a Need for Speed game. I don’t remember which. It’s really nostalgic when I think back on those times.
Do you have any favourite Gameboy Advance games?
Also, if I wanted to buy one, how much would one cost? Are they rare now? I really hope to buy one, as it was a part of my childhood.

It’s definitely up there for the best ever for me! It was so revolutionary to me when I got it around a similar age to you. I bought mine in France, my step-brothers were big gamers, and having this made me feel like part of that world. (Finally I had one they wanted!)

For me it was all about Pokémon - I used to play emerald for hours a day along with others. Some really great times getting through those games. One that also sticks out to me for some reason is The Simpsons Game. I never actually completed it I don’t think, but it was great fun. Thanks, I’m going to go play that now!

I believe I found a company one time that makes new ones or there are plenty online. The prices seem to vary from what I’ve seen too!

I had a Gameboy SP when I was a kid, but it was mostly used as a Pokemon machine. I started playing my copy of Pokemon Silver on it when the lack of light sources needed to see the game on my Gameboy Color became too prevalent. I also had Pokemon Sapphire and FireRed. Besides those games, I also had Mario Kart Super Circuit and the Gameboy version of the Spongebob movie game.

I regret not paying more attention to my SP, for I am retroactively astounded at the stellar library of games the handheld had. For example, Metroid Fusion was the last new 2D Metroid for two whole decades. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is arguably the best Mario RPG, and the same could be argued for The Minish Cap as the best top-down Zelda. The system had a slew of great games from Kirby, Sonic, and Castlevania, as well as wonderful new IPS like Golden Sun and Advance Wars. Also, let’s not forget the monumental achievement in storytelling in gaming that is Mother 3, even though I highly doubt most people have played it on a physical SP.

It seems like purchasing an SP via the internet wouldn’t set your bank account back too badly. I might do the same, as mine had been misplaced for some time, and I’d like a more authentic experience with these games instead of emulating them.