Nintendo's Top Franchises: Who wins the gold?

When it comes to a gaming company with the most recognizable franchises, I don’t think anyone will argue against Nintendo holding the crown in this regard. Super Smash Bros. works because almost every franchise is as recognizable. However, which one holds the most importance? I’ve broken down which franchises I think represent Nintendo the best in Olympic tiers:

Gold: Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda. It could go either way. Both franchises are as long-lasting, influential, and essential, with so many classics under their belts.

Silver: Metroid, Pokemon, or Super Smash Bros. Metroid is the quintessential silver franchise due to its importance and acclaim, but lacks the number of titles. Pokemon and SSB are incredibly popular, but lack the early presence in Nintendo’s history.

Bronze: Kirby, Fire Emblem, or Animal Crossing. These titles aren’t as acclaimed or popular but are still made relevant by Nintendo through releasing new games.

Unfortunately, franchises like Star Fox, F-Zero, and Mother can’t be included in the rankings because of a lack of modern relevance, but that’s the way I see things. Where would Nintendo’s multiple properties stack up for you?