Pokemon Go: Guaranteed 30,000 XP

Hello trainers everywhere! If you are enjoying the first day of the Alola to Alola event, and so far it is great, here is a good way to increase your XP flow and get some extra happiness out of it.

By now the collection challenge for Alola Pokemon popped up for trainers that showed the necessary Pokemon.

If you are not familiar here is the list below and how to get them for the challenge:
Cubone- catching.
Alola Rattata- catching.
Dartrix- evolving Rowlet using 25 candies.
Torracat- evolving Litten using 25 candies.
Brionne- evolving Popplio using 25 candies.
Gumshoos- evolving Yungoos using 25 candies during the day.
Trumbeak- evolving Pikipek using 25 candies.
Toucannon- evolving Trumbeak using 100 candies.

It is important to note that a trainer needs to evolve Yungoos during the day to fulfill the quest. Once it is done one of the rewards are 15,000 XP, but if a trainer uses a lucky egg the XP doubles. Not to mention that when evolving these Pokemon it goes from the standard 1,000 XP to 2,000. If you want to get some easy XP boosts your way then it is highly recommended to complete this challenge, or quest, on a lucky egg!

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Alola event!