Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

I’ve allowed the dust to settle for a few months, but now I think I’m ready to dive in. I haven’t played a Pokemon title all the way through since Sword and Shield (which I didn’t love), but I’m intrigued by Scarlet and Violet.

Admittedly I have avoided news and criticism up until this point because I’ve found that if I read too much before I get to play a game myself it totally influences my opinion, but I’m on a budget this year and open to hearing what others have to say if only to save myself some money.

So, what does everyone who has already played (and ideally finished) the games think? Worth playing? I am old and a very longtime fan of the series, but I have definitely been less enthusiastic about it over the last 10 years or so.

Have you played Pokémon Legends Arceus?

A lot of the game feels very similar to be honest. The wild Pokémon mechanics, the open world feel etc.

For all the hate that the new Pokémon games get (admittedly, a lot of it is warranted), it’s actually quite an enjoyable game.

Yes the graphics and frame rate let it down slightly, but really who is playing Pokémon for the graphics anyway?

To me, the biggest downside of the game is the lack of new Pokémon. There are very few new additions to the game, outside of different forms of Pokémon, further evolutions of existing Pokémon etc.

To cut a long story short… if you like Pokémon, you’ll like scarlet and violet, don’t let the reviews put you off.

The game was so close to being great, I just think it needed another year of development. Hopefully the next instalments can build on this one and give a better user experience overall, because, in general, the Pokémon game formula is at its core, really really fun.