Project Zomboid is an addictive zombie apocalypse simulator

Project Zomboid has become such an addiction of mine, and maybe not only for me, as I’ve seen that it has garnered a lot of recognition during the last months. It is just a, how should I put it, such a complete experience. The one and only objective is to survive, and even this is not set in stone, who knows what crazy missions other players can set for themselves. But to survive it is not enough to simply eat, sleep and to not get killed by zombies, because you have to maintain your body weight with a balanced diet, you have to make sure you’re in not too much pain or panic in order to get some shut-eye, and a single scratch from a zombie could mean infection, and since there is no cure (unless you have the mods), that would mean an anticlimactic game over.

The game has just so many things to keep in mind, but that’s the beauty of it, because most of the time if you think of an idea then you’re probably able to do it. The game caters to many types of playstyles with the number of mechanics it has, and add on top of that how you can customize the game to your liking, including the removal of infection or turning zombies from slow walkers to sprinters (though I would recommend setting zombie speed to “random” when you get used to the game). The modding community is also thriving, with quality-of-life updates that don’t alter the feel of the game if you want a more vanilla experience, or complete game changing mods that add rocket launchers or tanks to the game.

Definitely a must have if you’re looking for what I believe to be the most complete Zombie Apocalypse simulator out there.