The Beta for Overwatch 2 is Finally Out and Met with Mixed Reviews

Although I haven’t played Overwatch 2, I’m seeing more and more negative reviews than I am positive ones.

First off, the UI in Overwatch 2 is apparently pretty different from Overwatch, feeling bland and not as informative or useful for that matter.

From what I’ve been hearing the new 5v5 transition has not been met with positivity. With the removal of a second tank, the time to kill has become much faster, making poor decisions less forgivable, and has led to some extreme hero imbalances that will require nerfs before the official launch.

Overwatch 2 just doesn’t really feel like the heir to 2016’s Game of the Year, and almost feels like a patch that has been long overdue. I think players that have stuck with the game since its origins are going to be pretty disappointed as there are only a few new maps, one new game mode, and one new hero at the moment, with more reported to be on the way. I hope Blizzard/Activision actually listen to the feedback from the community and implement some of the changes and request before the actual release of Overwatch 2. If not, I think it’ll be a flop.

Would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts or experiences with the Beta so far! Has anyone gotten to actually play the Beta or are you just watching the streams like me?

I’ve just seen a couple videos and what not, but the removal of tanks, the 5v5 transitions and the like, doesn’t it feel like taking freedom and the casual feel of the game to be counterproductive when it comes to attracting new players?

Maybe veterans that come from Overwatch will find it easy to adjust to the new changes, seeing as they probably know how to make good tactical decisions when picking characters, but we are talking about a, now franchise, that has lost his spotlight since it’s pretty succesful release back in 2016.

Maybe the focus of Blizzard should be put into creating an environment that’s not only friendly to newcomers, but with more freedom to experimentation, all of this without mentioning the fact that there aren’t new massive innovations to this sequel, so mostly it just feels like an expansion of the first game.