The Seventh Generation of Video Games

For those who don’t know, the seventh generation of gaming was roughly from 2006-2013, and the systems that defined this generation were the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. It was the longest-running console generation and ushered in a layer of accessibility in gaming that persists today. While it was an essential time for gaming, all of the commonplace practices and trends during this period made me disenfranchised with gaming for quite some time. It could’ve been because the generation occurred during my adolescent years, but the popular games of this time still rub me the wrong way. There was an influx of formulaic first-person shooters, and games that didn’t fall into this category were still drab, lifeless, and ultra-serious. The Wii seemed like an acceptable alternative, but the system was littered with shovelware, and the motion control gimmick did not cooperate with many of its games.

Given that the height of this generation was fifteen years ago, the games that defined this era are relics of the past. What do you miss from this generation, and what in gaming is better now? What are some critically lauded games from this era that have held up? What are some games from this era that don’t look like they’ve been drowned in muddy water?

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This may be not very popular or even well-known but The Saboteur (2009) is one of my favourite games from that era. The setting is Nazi-occupied France and the game is open-world. There were parkour elements, stealth and overall good gameplay. The visual style was unique; the world is black and white at the start and they gain colours as you liberate the areas from the Nazis. It somewhat reminds me of Inglourious Basterds.