Top 5 BO1 MP Maps

We continue with the top five multiplayer maps, this time Treyarch’s best multiplayer in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Again, the listing is worst to first, but feel free to comment your list.

  1. Summit
    This, Grid and Launch are all so close, but this map played well despite being a rush to the middle building. Now the reason Estate did not make the previous list for this problem, Summit plays well outside of the main building enough to earn a spot.

  2. Jungle
    This map mixed a playstyle of long and close for a well-paced map majority of the time. But the reason this map is lower than may be expected is the camping spots that sometimes hinder the map overall. The obvious ones too.

  3. Havana
    This map does not receive as much love as it should, and it was a great map. Building to building combat, but one long middle road that players rushed across. The aesthetic of the map was great too, and overall, this close-quarter play felt fun and fast. This needs more love.

  4. Nuketown
    Controversial call, yes, but Nuketown played great 90% of the time, but campers and various tactics made this unbearable sometimes. This is still an amazing map, and it is a lot of people’s number one, and it is understandable.

  5. Firing Range
    This map never disappointed. Just big enough to beat out Nuketown by a slim margin. This map played well all the time because of the various choke points that when people camped there did not disrupt the flow of the map. Firing Range catered to almost all play styles, and streaks dominated on this map, but could easily be countered. This map was better by a bit than Nuketown.