Top 5 BO2 MP Maps

Top five multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, let’s go!
5) Standoff
BO2 had amazing maps, so there’s a lot of picks here, but perhaps one of the fan favorites and better maps of this game is Standoff. Catered to everyone, played well, great flow, overall solid map.

  1. Slums
    This list is going to be full of things fans may disagree on, but Slums was faster paced, less building-to-building combat, and aesthetically better to look at. This map was great, while it did not have the classic three-lane feel, it flowed great

  2. Hijacked
    This map is the OG, and no matter what game it becomes DLC in, this is by far the best version of it in BO2. A great map with a tunnel system below deck to traverse back and forth, and three-lane feel. Those corridors on the side played tight but made the map flow better than if it was just a frantic firefight in the middle of the deck.

  3. Nuketown 2025
    Shocker here, but the DLC version of Nuketown 2025 that later became a normal part of the game is not the best map. Obviously, the flow, the pace and the aesthetic are nice, but the camping problems and the way people camped damaged this map’s reputation. In this game, Nuketown 2025 played great, but camping was a major problem.

The absolute GOAT map of this game. Arguably the first map that pops into gamers heads when they hear BO2, this map had it all. Flow, aesthetic, pace, good for streaks, catered to all styles and fun.

Nuketown is my favourite. But I only played in that map in Black Ops 1. No denying that it’s a great map though. It kinda reminds me of the intro of Fallout 4.