Top 5 MW2 MP maps

Talked about Call of Duty and the hype around MWII reveal date, so in the spirit of that and multiplayer here is a list of the top five maps of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Leave a comment on your top five.
5) Afghan
Narrowly behind Estate, this map felt more open and rusher friendly. This map possessed multiple points of interest to where enemies engaged from different portion of the map. Estate fell shot in that department because every player rushed the house and it felt like a fight for that one area.
4) Terminal
The reason Terminal is so low on this is because of the weird layout of the map. It played well and made for fun games, but what held this map down was the wonky spawns in domination. This is still a fun, medium map that holds up today.
3) Highrise
A classic three-lane map if there ever was one. The color palette of this map is aesthetically pleasing and feels gritty like the whole MW2 game felt. This map just played great and so many ways to rush around.
2) Scrapyard
One of the best maps to play in for the rushing, fast-paced game style that MW2 introduced to the franchise. A good amount of cover, classic three lanes, tons of different play styles and good for streaks.

  1. Rush
    The amount of nostalgia this map holds is immeasurable. From the one-v-one battles, snipers only, jumping off the top ledge for a cool killcam, the craziness of streaks. When you think the original MW2, you think this map.