Top 5 MW3 Mp maps

We’ve covered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, now let’s do top five multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!
This was tough as almost all the maps in here played fantastic, so know if a map did not make the list, it was probably amazing, but here it goes.

  1. Underground
    Felt like a classic three-lane map and each of those lanes provided solid cover and tons of gunfights to stay engaged. This added a few layers of vertically because it was incredibly open, but this map flowed well. Aesthetically nice too.

  2. Mission
    This map felt a lot smaller than it was, and that was because of how players dashed to the middle. The ducking behind stone walls, checking corners and the middle in general pumped adrenaline into players that kept them coming back for more. The sides played more to snipers and the long hill up was a great feature.

  3. Carbon
    The fond memories on this map are abundant. This map packed action into three middle buildings that engaged players well, then both side alleys saw a hefty amount of gunfire there. The platforms that connected the three main buildings introduced a nice layer of verticality into the map and this map proved that elevated line of sight can be incredibly fun.

  4. Hardhat
    Another map filled with great moments and cool achievements. Everyone knew to rush the middle, get to the middle tube, and chuck grenades to the other side, but it was incredibly fun. This was a madhouse to play in, and plenty of people hung around middle that made it the place to be. But the rest of the map provided a solid battle to the middle. Also, it is aesthetically nice to look at.

  5. Dome
    No surprises here, this map was the Infinity Ward iteration of Nuketown, but maybe not as much love or remakes as the other. This map played fast, fast, fast, and if players did not play with their head on a swivel—it could be a nightmare. With almost no safe place, or at least not a ton, this map catered to rushers. Games weren’t always amazing, but this map is the map for MW3.

Haven’t played much multiplayer MW3. But the campaign was magnificent. There were so many memorable moments and marvellously written characters. Also some pretty emotional moments. Gotta be one of my favourite FPS games. By the way, is multiplayer still popular? Are there many players still?

The Modern Warfare trilogy is incredible, I agree! From the original COD 4 to MW3 that whole story was well-written and immersive. Felt like the whole story was better than anything put out today in terms of campaign

In terms of popularity of multiplayer, it does have some users, but the game is littered with hackers, as most old CODs are at this point, which is unfortunate.

The older multiplayers play better and faster than the others, and it is not just nostalgia. People can rush around and not be afraid to move.
If you liked the feel of multiplayer back in the day, then you missed out on a great one in MW3. Sure, there were broken things in the game, but that is every COD.

It had Clan Ops, which was about as sweaty as it could get before skill-based matchmaking kicked into every multiplayer.
Overall, campaign and multiplayer were terrific, special ops, not so much.